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Marine Corps Installations Pacific


Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Okinawa, Japan, South Korea and Hawaii

Below is the summarized Reports of Results of Trial for LSSS Pacific:

Summarized Reports of Results of Trial for LSSS Pacific
LocationWeek OfResults
LSST Hawaii6/16/2017

At a General Court-Martial, at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, a Military Judge convicted a Staff Sergeant , USMC, of larceny, wrongfully using drugs, fraud, and unlawfully removing a public record. The military judge sentenced the accused to 3 years confinement, reduction to E-1, forfeitures of all pay and allowances, and a Dishonorable Discharge. Pursuant to the pre-trial agreement, all confinement in excess of 120 days will be disapproved and all fines in excess of $2,000 will be disapproved.



LSST Okinawa6/16/2017No Courts.