ࡱ> (+' i bjbj 4xxi Mp     _z  .   V淂oF0MX4<M : Initial Request (Letterhead) 1752 CODE DATE From: Service member To: Commanding Officer Subj: REQUEST FOR EXPEDITED TRANSFER ICO SAIRD CASE # (L####) Ref: (a) DTM 11-063: Expedited Transfer of Military Service members Who File Unrestricted Reports 1. Per reference (a), I am requesting an expedited transfer. 2. (I request Permanent Change of Assignment (PCA) Orders to another unit in Okinawa.) (I request Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders to East Coast/West Coast with the following duty station preference/consideration:) a. MCC/Command Name/Command Location b. MCC/Command Name/Command Location c. MCC/Command Name/Command Location 3. The point of contact regarding this request is the Command SARC, who can be reached at 637-2100 or my Uniformed Victim Advocate, RANK, LNAME, who can be reached at XXX-XXXX. I. M. MARINE  h i ŷhN?,hN?,>* hM :h<CJOJQJ^JaJhN?,CJOJQJ^JaJh<CJOJQJ^JaJh4CJOJQJ^JaJh6CJOJQJ^JaJ hM :hN?,CJOJQJ^JaJ  012Icd L M - d^`gd<d^`gd4 dgd4 $da$gdN?, dgdN?, $da$gdN?,- . U V } ~ W X Y Z h i d^`gdN?, dgdN?, d`gdN?, 21h:pb/ =!"#$% j 666666666vvvvvvvvv666666>6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666hH6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666662 0@P`p2( 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p8XV~ OJPJQJ_HmH nH sH tH J`J N?,Normal dCJ_HaJmH sH tH DA D Default Paragraph FontRiR 0 Table Normal4 l4a (k ( 0No List PK![Content_Types].xmlj0Eжr(΢Iw},-j4 wP-t#bΙ{UTU^hd}㨫)*1P' ^W0)T9<l#$yi};~@(Hu* Dנz/0ǰ $ X3aZ,D0j~3߶b~i>3\`?/[G\!-Rk.sԻ..a濭?PK!֧6 _rels/.relsj0 }Q%v/C/}(h"O = C?hv=Ʌ%[xp{۵_Pѣ<1H0ORBdJE4b$q_6LR7`0̞O,En7Lib/SeеPK!kytheme/theme/themeManager.xml M @}w7c(EbˮCAǠҟ7՛K Y, e.|,H,lxɴIsQ}#Ր ֵ+!,^$j=GW)E+& 8PK!Ptheme/theme/theme1.xmlYOo6w toc'vuر-MniP@I}úama[إ4:lЯGRX^6؊>$ !)O^rC$y@/yH*񄴽)޵߻UDb`}"qۋJחX^)I`nEp)liV[]1M<OP6r=zgbIguSebORD۫qu gZo~ٺlAplxpT0+[}`jzAV2Fi@qv֬5\|ʜ̭NleXdsjcs7f W+Ն7`g ȘJj|h(KD- dXiJ؇(x$( :;˹! I_TS 1?E??ZBΪmU/?~xY'y5g&΋/ɋ>GMGeD3Vq%'#q$8K)fw9:ĵ x}rxwr:\TZaG*y8IjbRc|XŻǿI u3KGnD1NIBs RuK>V.EL+M2#'fi ~V vl{u8zH *:(W☕ ~JTe\O*tHGHY}KNP*ݾ˦TѼ9/#A7qZ$*c?qUnwN%Oi4 =3ڗP 1Pm \\9Mؓ2aD];Yt\[x]}Wr|]g- eW )6-rCSj id DЇAΜIqbJ#x꺃 6k#ASh&ʌt(Q%p%m&]caSl=X\P1Mh9MVdDAaVB[݈fJíP|8 քAV^f Hn- "d>znNJ ة>b&2vKyϼD:,AGm\nziÙ.uχYC6OMf3or$5NHT[XF64T,ќM0E)`#5XY`פ;%1U٥m;R>QD DcpU'&LE/pm%]8firS4d 7y\`JnίI R3U~7+׸#m qBiDi*L69mY&iHE=(K&N!V.KeLDĕ{D vEꦚdeNƟe(MN9ߜR6&3(a/DUz<{ˊYȳV)9Z[4^n5!J?Q3eBoCM m<.vpIYfZY_p[=al-Y}Nc͙ŋ4vfavl'SA8|*u{-ߟ0%M07%<ҍPK! ѐ'theme/theme/_rels/themeManager.xml.relsM 0wooӺ&݈Э5 6?$Q ,.aic21h:qm@RN;d`o7gK(M&$R(.1r'JЊT8V"AȻHu}|$b{P8g/]QAsم(#L[PK-![Content_Types].xmlPK-!֧6 +_rels/.relsPK-!kytheme/theme/themeManager.xmlPK-!Ptheme/theme/theme1.xmlPK-! ѐ' theme/theme/_rels/themeManager.xml.relsPK] ii - i 8@0(  B S  ?dhk+.5V]~k33333 hk%"9 N?,_0<6V69&46bik@i@UnknownG* Times New Roman5Symbol3. * Arial?= * Courier New7.{ @CalibriA BCambria Math"1h g g20hh3QHX $PN?,2!xxMelanie J. McClinnisMelanie J. McClinnisOh+'0 $ D P \hpxMelanie J. McClinnisNormalMelanie J. McClinnis2Microsoft Office Word@@㦂o@㦂o՜.+,0 hp  NMCIh  Title  !"#$%&)*6-./0123457Root Entry Fﷂo,@1Table WordDocument 4SummaryInformation(DocumentSummaryInformation8MsoDataStore\ǷoV淂oHVJLXEL5AWRX==2 \Ƿo%طoItem  Properties7mC2CT0PGRWJQ==2 \ǷoV淂oItem  EPropertiesIO  !"#$%&'()*+,-./012345689:;<=>?@ABCDFGHJKLMNP This value indicates the number of saves or revisions. The application is responsible for updating this value after each revision. DocumentLibraryFormDocumentLibraryFormDocumentLibraryForm   F'Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 DoCompObjOycument MSWordDocWord.Document.89q