Marine Corps Base Butler and Marine Corps Air Station Futenma implement Health Protection Condition Charlie

27 Mar 2020 | Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Public Statement:  

Marines, Sailors, Civilians, and Families of Marine Corps Base Butler and Marine Corps Air Station Futenma,

All Marine Corps bases on Okinawa have implemented Health Protection Condition Charlie due to the continued outbreak of COVID-19. Together, we can work to keep ourselves safe, healthy, and ready for all challenges.  Our resiliency is critical to our success.

Over the coming days, non-essential base services may function on a limited basis or be suspended altogether.   

The following website can be checked for MCCS updates:

The following website can be checked for all other updates:

Effective immediately, the following measures are instituted:

  • All persons aboard MCBB and MCASF must maintain social distance of 6 feet.
  • All Child Development Centers are remaining open until further notice.
  • All Base theater guests are to sit in every third seat.
  • Non-essential meetings and gatherings should be cancelled or limited to ensure 6 feet of social distancing.
  • Camp Courtney:  Arts & Crafts Center, Legends Officers' Club, Hashmarks SNCO Club, Teen Center, Tsunami Scuba and Typhoon Motors will close.
  • Camp Foster: The Custom Shop, Outdoor Recreation checkout and Teen Center will close and Health Promotion Group Fitness classes are canceled.
  • Camp Kinser:  Bowling Center, Teen Center, Tours Plus and Typhoon Motors will close.
  • Camp Hansen: Tours Plus will close.
  • Camp Schwab: Tsunami Scuba will close.
  • Taiyo Golf Club driving range will close.
  • All locations: Education Centers and Marine & Family Resources Centers, including Marine Corps Family Team Building and New Parent Support Program, will close.  However, virtual/phone services will be offered.
  • MCCS indoor athletic events are cancelled.
  • Currently, all fitness centers are open but patrons are to follow to social distancing guidelines. Deep cleaning crews will be rotating through all areas three times a day to ensure they are safe for use.  Some areas may be closed temporarily while that occurs. 

Responding to COVID-19 effectively requires quick and decisive action by all of us. It is reasonable to expect that more changes will be needed to keep our force and our families healthy.

Updates will be made as they are available via MCIPAC, III MEF, and MCCS online platforms, and your chain of command.

Marine Corps Installations Pacific