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Accompanied Service Members

Please refer to the Accompanied-PCS Flowchart USMC for a breakdown of how your move to Okinawa should look.

My Sponsor

Your sponsor is responsible for helping you PCS and keeping you and your family members supplied with food during your 14 days of restriction of movement (ROM). This should NOT be a financial burden for your sponsor. All expenses taken care of by your sponsor should be repaid. If you have orders to Okinawa and your sponsor has not contacted you, contact your gaining command to ensure they are tracking your arrival.

Lodging upon arrival

You will either stay in family housing or temporary lodging upon arrival, where you will conduct 14 days of ROM. You will be well informed on where you will be conducting your ROM upon arrival.

Permanent and contingency housing are available and recommended for families with pets.

Once ROM is complete, those who conducted ROM in temporary lodging or contingency housing will be authorized to begin the process of occupying permanent housing, while those who conducted ROM in family housing will permanently occupy that ROM location as their permanent home for the remainder of their time in Okinawa.

Restriction of Movement

Your 14 days of ROM starts the moment you land in Okinawa. This is a long period of time to spend indoors, please use this time wisely to complete as much of your check in or training online as you can. Coordination with your sponsor well ahead of time is essential to ensure your ROM period is as comfortable as possible. All meals will be delivered to you via your sponsor via grocery drop-offs at your door.

The Okinawa community also has come together to support those in ROM on Camp Foster with deliveries of groceries and other wants and needs. Send a message to https://www.facebook.com/UShopCampFoster/ and they will help you out.

Being in ROM can be a time of rest, but you can also start getting ready for your time in Okinawa. The MCCS Okinawa Welcome Aboard page is a great place to start. You can even sign up for the mandatory Newcomer’s Welcome Aboard (NOWA) brief to conduct it virtually for a quick transition to life in Okinawa after ROM! Please contact the MCIPAC Installation Safety Office at 645-3183/2862 to inquire about taking the SOFA POV Licensing exam after the completion of your 14-day ROM and NOWA. Orders, approved Area Clearance message (for dependents), and a valid stateside driver's license are required to obtain a SOFA POV Driver's License. Civilian personnel will need their SOFA Letter and are recommended to contact the MCIPAC Installation Safety Office for any other specific requirements.

There are a ton of online resources as well, from various Facebook pages, Okinawa Hai, Okinawa Bookoo (resale), and others. Welcome to Okinawa, and thank you for your continued discipline, diligence, and understanding during the ROM process.


If you do decide to PCS with your pet, you MUST take initiative ahead of time to ensure you complete all necessary steps for PCS’ing with your pet.

You can access information for PCS’ing to Okinawa with your pet here, as well as within the checklist.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about what will happen with your pet when you arrive in Okinawa please contact your sponsor in advance so they can plan to assist you.

IPAC Inbound Information
Due to the constant changes in the Inbound process because of COVID-19, the IPAC Inbound Branch created a document for you to reference in order to assist the incoming members, the sponsors, and the S-1s during the check-in process.  The document will have the following information:
-MOL Self Certification
-List of Required Documents for Join Audit and Travel Claim
-Information for making appointments
-Information for TLA
All  incoming personnel and unit sponsors should be aware of the following:
-If the members are in government quarters (barracks or housing), please submit the documents upon arrival so we can report the join and avoid overpayment of BAH Transit
-All members are required to come to the IPAC to do the initial join
-The Inbound Section is working on an appointment only basis which has drastically reduced the waiting time for the members
-Sponsors should collect all documents listed in the “IPAC Inbound Information” and submit them to the IPAC via EPAR
-Appointments can be requested via EPAR when the documents are submitted or by phone

Video by Lance Cpl. Brennan Beauton, Lance Cpl. Isaac Munce, Lance Cpl. Ryan Pulliam, Cpl. Terry Wong
Okinawa 2020 PCS Video
Marine Corps Installations Pacific
July 17, 2020 | 5:03
For inbound personnel joining the III MEF and MCIPAC family under the current conditions, please take a few minutes to learn about the process of transitioning to Okinawa. Our top priorities are to preserve the force ,protect our families and the local community. The efforts that we take together to prevent further spread of COVID-19 will help us arrest the spread. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Marine Corps Installations Pacific)

For more information please contact your sponsor or visit Marine Corps Community Services at https://www.mccsokinawa.com/welcomeaboard/