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Marine Corps Installations Pacific


Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Okinawa, Japan

MCB Butler, MCB Hawaii, MCAS Futenma, MCAS Iwakuni, Camp Fuji, and Camp Mujuk
MCIPAC Equal Opportunity Advisors / Representatives

MCIPAC Equal Opportunity Advisors

Marine Corps Installations Pacific
Master Sergeant Paul S. Corner
DSN: 315-645-3555
Blackberry:  080-1385-7236

MCAS Iwakuni
Staff Sergeant Brandon D. Johnson
DSN: 315-253-4186
Blackberry:  080-8231-3549
Email:  brandon.d.johnson2#@usmc.mil

MCB Hawaii (MCAS Hawaii and HqBn, Hawaii fall under this scope)
Gunnery Sergeant Marques D. Farmer
DSN:  808-257-7720
Blackberry:  808-927-6582
Email:  marques.farmer@usmc.mil


MCIPAC Equal Opportunity Representatives


MCB Camp Butler, Headquarters and Support Battalion
Gunnery Sergeant Alicia Grady
DSN: 315-645-1082
Email: alicia.grady@usmc.mil

MCAS Futenma
Primary:  Warrant Officer Daniel Thompson
DSN: 315-636-3177
Email:  daniel.thompson1@usmc.mil

Camp Mujuk
Gunnery Sergeant Charles W. Parmenter
DSN:  315-767-4399
Email:  charles.parmenter@usmc.mil

Camp Fuji
Gunnery Sergeant Orelous Hall III
DSN:  315-224-8046
Email:  orelous.hall@usmc.mil