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EOR Roles and Responsibilities

Command Equal Opportunity Representatives

Command EORs are a vital part of creating and cultivating an environment of dignity, respect, and trust at the command level. Marines assigned as EORs are the commander’s primary asset to monitor command climate and receive reports of prohibited activity and conduct. They serve at the discretion of the commander.  EOR billet responsibilities are assigned as collateral duties.  EORs are not considered SMEs. Rather, they serve as the command liaison with the servicing EOA/MEO office and a source of information for the commander and complainants. EORs do not serve as advocates for a complainant or subject, nor will they conduct inquiries or command investigations. All official communications with EORs are considered protected communications. Protected communications are not the same as privileged, or confidential, communications. Command EORs are screened and selected by the commander based upon the EOR Selection Criteria for Commanders. EORs shall:


020401. Assist commanders in establishing local prohibited activity and conduct complaint response procedures; assessing the command climate; and identifying, coordinating, and conducting necessary command training.


020402. Complete the local Equal Opportunity Representative Course.


020403. Serve as a liaison with the servicing EOA/MEO Office for all command climate and complaint related matters.


020404. Assist commanders in the submission of required reports.


020405. Provide all necessary and required information on behalf of the commanding officer, to the EOA/MEO office to initiate and update DASH reports through to final disposition and administrative closure.


020406. Serve as the unit Survey Administrator for conducting all DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS) assessments.


020407. Serve as the responsible agent for the command’s compliance with Inspector General Checklists for the MEO program.


020408. Submit quarterly reports to the supporting EOA/MEO Office as requested.