Command Resources
This page provides unit Victim and Witness Assistance Coodinators (VWACs) with documents that will help VWACs meet their billet requirements.
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DD Form 2701 - Okinawa7/10/2013721.99 KBDownload
Okinawa New VWAC Training Schedule7/9/2013UnknownDownload
Okinawa Victim Assistance Directory7/9/2013465.33 KBDownload
 TitleModified DateSize 
DD Form 2701 - Hawaii7/9/2013721.85 KBDownload
Hawaii Legal Contact Info7/9/2013799.57 KBDownload
Hawaii Victim Assistance Contact Info7/9/2013963.54 KBDownload
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DD Form 2701 - Iwakuni7/9/2013721.77 KBDownload
Iwakuni Legal Contact Info7/9/2013268.13 KBDownload
Iwakuni Victim Assistance Contact Info7/9/20131.09 MBDownload
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