Marine Corps Installations Pacific


Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Okinawa, Japan

MCB Butler, MCB Hawaii, MCAS Futenma, MCAS Iwakuni, CATC Camp Fuji, Camp Mujuk
As the Bow is to the Arrow
Marine Corps Installations Pacific strengthens and enables force projection in the Indo-Asia-Pacific with our allies and partners to protect and defend the territory of the United States, its people, and its interests. Our camps and installations, arrayed across the region with purposeful designs, clearly set theater-strategic conditions for partnered presence, logistics throughput, command and control, and military readiness. Our utility, resiliency and strategic design represent the requisite and foundational support to the power of U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific.
Marine Corps Installations Pacific
Appreciation dinner highlights volunteers contributions to 'give a helping hand to Okinawa' By Cpl. Samuel Brusseau | August 21, 2019
Okinawa's Strongest: Battle of the North By Lance Cpl. Karis Mattingly | August 18, 2019
MCIPAC-MCB Provost Marshal’s Office implements field sobriety checks By Pfc. Colton Garrett | August 12, 2019
Families celebrate reading all summer By Pfc. Triton Lai | August 9, 2019
More than 80 local, international and US competitors take the stage at 2019 Far East Bodybuilding competition By Cpl. Christopher Madero | August 5, 2019
CATC Camp Fuji hosts Mess Night with JGSDF By Lance Cpl. Brennan Beauton | July 31, 2019
Maj Gen Banta tours MCAS Iwakuni By Cpl. Stephen Campbell | July 26, 2019
Maj. Gen. Rock passes the torch to Brig. Gen. Bowers at MCIPAC Change of Command By Staff Sgt. Lucas Vega | July 26, 2019
Team USA wins third game in Japan-USA Collegiate Baseball Championship Series By Cpl. Stephen Campbell | July 25, 2019
Camp Fuji Marines, sailors climb a wonder of Japan By Lance Cpl. Brennan J. Beauton | July 23, 2019



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