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Marine Corps Installations Pacific


Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Okinawa, Japan

MCB Butler, MCB Hawaii, MCAS Futenma, MCAS Iwakuni, CATC Camp Fuji, Camp Mujuk
   MCIPAC Organizational Development Office
Mission Statement

The Organizational Development Office (ODO) facilitates strategic planning, process improvement, change management, and performance measurement. It also provides an array of professional training programs. Through these services, the ODO assists in developing lean and agile organizations that effectively and efficiently provide quality services to the operating forces, tenant commands, Marines and their families.

ODO Programs Offered


Guiding Directives:

Marine Corps Order 5220.12
MCB Butler CPI Policy Letter 1-14

Goal: To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Marine Corps operations in order to achieve greater warfighting capability, combat readiness, and quality of life for our Marines and their families.

- Identify and remove obstacles to high performance
- Reduce wastes, work cycle times, rework, and costs
- Support achievements of mission requirements within current or reduced resource levels
- Improve support to operating forces and installations


Guiding Directives
Marine Corps Installations Command Order 5220.1

Goal: To validate or update common installation functions, sub-functions, and risk levels in order to improve enterprise understanding of work performance and risks associated with funding reductions, and to provide improved decision-making in resource allocation.

- Optimize installation resource utilization
- Link the performance of installation support to operating forces and other tenant commands
- Increasing the effectiveness, consistency and efficiency of installation support across the Command

Guiding Directives:
MCB Butler Policy Letter 2-15

Goal: To provide a convenient and efficient online tool for customers to share feedback, opinions or recommendations to management regarding various service providers in the installation. 

Provide a convenient and efficient online tool by which customers can express opinions / recommendations to service providers, and to request response from Service Provider Managers (SPMs).
Key Activities
- Business Analysis and Assessment
- Change Management (CM)
- Improvement and Innovation
- Knowledge Management (KM)
- Organizational Structures Analysis
- Performance Management (PM)
- Regional Planning (RP)
- Special Projects Management (SPM)
- Strategic Planning and Analysis
- Support Agreements (SA)
Contact Information

Customer Service Line: DSN: 645-2808

Organizational E-mail: MCBB_ODO_CustomerService@usmc.mil




“The class was taught in an experiential manner that catered to the many learning styles represented by the student body.  New concepts were easy to grasp and our understanding was greatly facilitated through hands-on projects. Overall, it was an excellent course that opened my eyes to many organizational improvement skills” 

“I enjoyed the different types of methodologies (Lean, TOC, and Six Sigma) and the scenarios presented under each one.  They opened my eyes on what I can do to better my section/unit.  The curriculum was straight to the point.  It was just the right amount of information about the subject”1st Battalion 3rd Marines

“I like the emphasis on challenging the idea that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, or this is the way we have always done it, and then giving us relatable and simple methods for identifying problems and implementing changes”

“The introduction to various methods available to improve all aspects of an organization was highly valuable. Not accepting the status quo, but making the organization more efficient. This training piqued my interest to pursue higher levels of CPI”