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Marine Corps Installations Pacific


Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Okinawa, Japan

MCB Butler, MCB Hawaii, MCAS Futenma, MCAS Iwakuni, CATC Camp Fuji, Camp Mujuk
Safety Office

Safety Office Point Of Contact Roster
MCB Camp S.D. Butler  
Safety Director 645-3806/2836
Deputy Safety Director 645-3806/2836
Compliance and Ground Safety Branch Supv 645-2087/5847
Explosive Safety Branch 645-2743
Operations Branch Supv 645-2039
Physical Scientist 645-2709/2704
Asbestos/Lead Safety Manager 645-1483/1484
MCB Hawaii  
Safety Director 257-8900
MCAS Futenma  
Safety Director 636-3420
MCAS Iwakuni  
Safety Director 253-2239
CATC Camp Fuji  
Safety Manager 224-8464
Camp Mujuk  

Safety Manager


Mission Statement
The MCIPAC Safety Office serves as an advocate and support mechanism for a safe and healthy work and living environment for all MCIPAC installations. This is achieved by properly planning, developing, and implementing a comprehensive and diverse Safety & Occupational Health Management System (SOHMS) consistent with applicable laws and directives and promoting safety awareness to eliminate or reduce mishaps that affect all active duty components, U.S. and host nation civilian employees, contractors, and family members aboard an MCIPAC installation.