Marine Corps Installation Camp Mujuk


Marine Corps Installation Camp Mujuk

Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Republic of Korea
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Camp Mujuk is the only United States Marine Corps Installation in South Korea.  It is located about an hour east of Daegu, just outside Pohang, and near the eastern shoreline.  The installation is currently home to the Camp Mujuk Headquarters from MCIPAC.

MCI Camp Mujuk - Leaders

Colonel Bradley W. Ward
Camp Commander, Camp Mujuk

First Sergeant Carlos M. Mena
First Sergeant, Camp Mujuk
Installation Photos
Camp Mujuk is just outside of Pohang on the southeast coast of Korea and it is a part of Marine Corps Installations Pacific.
Mujuk BOQ & BEQ
Front gate
Camp Mujuk Mess Hall
Camp Mujuk Gym
First snowfall of the year
Mess hall interior – from rear
Gym interior – weight room equipment
Gym interior – weight room
Gym interior – cardio room
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