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Marine Corps Installations Pacific

Okinawa, Japan

MCB Butler, MCB Hawaii, MCAS Futenma, MCAS Iwakuni, Camp Fuji, and Camp Mujuk
   MCIPAC Equal Opportunity Office

To incorporate Equal Opportunity (EO) into the Marine Corps’ ethos and leadership philosophy by eradicating illegal treatment of others based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.  It is everyone’s responsibility at MCIPAC to ensure that discrimination and sexual harassment in any form is not tolerated.

Equal Opportunity Advisors
Equal Opportunity Advisors:

Are special staff members for the commanding general and commanders.  They are assigned to major Marine Corps commands to provide information, assistance, and advice on all EO matters to the commander, commanding general, commanding officer, tenant commander, Marines and Sailors, and other attached service members.  EOA's duties include, but are not limited to:


1.  Provide guidance and advice on command investigations into allegations of discrimination, to include sexual harassment.

2.  Advise commanders and military personnel about the use of the Informal Resolution System and Request Mast to resolve allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment at the lowest possible level.

3.  Provide analysis of command-specific data which will enable the commander to monitor the EO climate within their organization, identify trends and areas of concern, and develop methods for improving the EO climate.

4.  Serve as the command’s POC to report formal complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment to CMC (MPE), via the Discrimination and Sexual Harassment (DASH) reporting system.

Marine Corps Complaint Procedures



Personnel should always consider using the informal method whenever possible, as this is the most expeditious mean to attempt resolution and restore the trust necessary for unit cohesion.

The Informal Resolution System (IRS) works in the following manner:

1.  Direct Approach.  By either approaching the offending party in person, tactfully pinpointing the behavior that is offending, asking the person to cease the behavior or in writing.

2.  Informal Third Party.  Requesting assistance from another person to intervene on your behalf to help resolve the conflict.  This person is normally a friend, co-worker, command EO representative or EO Advisor.

3.  Training Information Resources.  Request training or resource materials for presentation to the work place in the areas of discrimination, harassment or inappropriate behavior.  These materials are a good method of communicating to offending persons in the workplace, in a non-threatening way, which the behavior is inappropriate.  The TIR includes videos, books, lesson plans, posters and other materials.  You can request TIR from your local Equal Opportunity Advisor.





FORMAL COMPLAINT - Anyone receiving a formal complaint must forward the complaint immediately to the commander.  There are several avenues to be used to seek formal redress.  The most effective avenue to use will depend on the circumstance surrounding the situation and personnel involved.  Selection of the avenue to be used will be decided by the complaint.

1.  Request Mast.  This is the preferred method for an individual to file a complaint of discrimination with any CO in the Chain of Command up to the individuals Commanding General.  

2.  Article 138, UCMJ Complaint.  An individual who alleges wrong (s) committed by their Commanding Officer may file a formal complaint under Article 138, UCMJ.

3.  Article 1150, Redress of Wrong (s) Committed by a Superior.  An individual may also file a complaint against any other superior, in rank or command, who the individual believes committed a wrongdoing (U.S. Navy Regulations, Article 1150).

4.  Communication with Inspector General.  As an alternative to the normal chain of command, military or civilian personnel may lodge complaints and provide facts to the local Command Inspector General.  

5.  Individual Communication with Congress.  Individuals may write a personal letter to members of Congress at anytime concerning EO issues.

MCIPAC Equal Opportunity Advisor

MSgt Corner

DSN: 315-645-3555

Blackberry: 080-1385-7236

Email:  paul.corner@usmc.mil

Location:  Camp Foster, Building 1, Room 6