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Regional Civil Law

"Public Service is a public trust"

The Regional Civil Law Office-Pacific (RCLO-P) provides legal advice and assistance to the Region's Staff Judge Advocates on standards of conduct, government ethics, off-duty employment, gifts, use of government resources, fundraising, and other related federal regulations. 


Fourteen Principles of Ethical Conduct for Federal Employee

Staff Judge Advocates from the Pacific Region may contact the RCLO-P by phone at (315) 645-7461/62, email RCLO-P at, or visit the Civil Law SharePoint site  (Common Access Card required). Additionally, a formal Request for Legal Services may be found here. 


Supported by one or more judge advocates, paralegals, and civilian support staff, RCLO-P provides timely and accurate legal advice concerning civil matters affecting Marine Corps Installations Pacific- Marine Corps Base Camp Butler.  Accordingly RCLO-P assists the Commanding General and his staff, and subordinate commanders, but does not provide legal advice to individuals concerning their personal affairs; that is the province of the Legal Assistance Office or, as appropriate, military defense counsel.

Upon receipt of a request for a legal opinion, a legal brief or memorandum is prepared for review and signature of the Staff Judge Advocate, except in cases where the Regional Civil Law Officer is authorized to respond directly to the requesting party.

RCLO-P houses a library of reference materials and past legal memoranda. Questions answered in this section commonly involve matters concerning ethics of Federal employees and contractors, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)/Privacy Act (PA), installation law (e.g., fundraising and solicitation, and private organizations), use of Federal resources by private organizations, claims and investigations, litigation for and against the United States, and constitutional law.

Regional Civil Law Office-Pacific

(315) 645-7461/62

Marine Corps Installations Pacific