ATHOC Enterprise Mass Notification and Warning System
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Per DoDI 6055.17, Sect 5, Para 5.5.c(1) “All DoD military and civilian personnel and contract support
personnel whose normal place of duty is on a DoD installation or within a DoD facility… must ensure that their
personal contact information, including after-duty hours contact information as appropriate (e.g. personal
cellular phone numbers or landline phone numbers numbers), email addresses, home address , etc., are entered
into the [Mass Warning and Notification /AtHoc] system and regularly updated or verified every 90 days to
remain current and accurate.”

AtHoc allows for registered users (military and dependents) to receive emergency notification alerts through their MCEN workstation and/or the AtHoc cellphone app. In order to receive notifications using AtHoc, sponsors much first register themselves and their dependents on a MCEN or Common Access Card computer by following the below steps.

Personnel must use their Common Access Card along with a MCEN computer to update personal information. Personnel need to select the appropriate command and installation where they are assigned, as well as provide valid phone numbers and email addresses. 

Personnel are required to also add dependent information if applicable, including all contact methods for each dependent. 

To update your information:

1. Right click on the white globe with purple ring located in your bottom right task bar of your work computer.
2. Choose "Access Self Service."
3. Go to "My Profile" tab and click "Edit" in the top right hand corner.
4. Under "My Profile," enter your user information. At a minimum, you should have your work phone, mobile phone and text messaging; the last two fields will be where you add your government cell phone number (if applicable). It is highly recommend you add your dependents' numbers and a personal email address as well.

Camp/Installation Links:

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Camp Schwab

Camp Hansen

Camp Courtney

Camp Foster

Camp Kinser

MCAS Futenma

1. Search application store for “AtHoc ”
2. Install Blackberry AtHoc App
3. Allow notifications
4.“Registration” window will appear, use REGISTERED email address and click ”Continue”
5.“Add Organization” window should appear. Enter Organization Code: MCIPAC
6. Validate email address by clicking on link in email sent from AtHoc App using mobile device
7. “Open this page in AtHoc Notifier” message will appear, click “Open”