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Marine Corps Installation Camp Mujuk


Marine Corps Installation Camp Mujuk

Points of Contact

How To Contact Us

Emergency Phone Numbers Reminder - Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Hotline: 253-ATFP (2837) - Life, Limb or Loss of Vision threatening emergencies while aboard Camp Mujuk: 119 or 911 - From a cell phone or for bilingual capability: 082-721-7700 - For security issues, call the Provost Marshal’s Officer: 767-4080 - 24/7 Sexual Assault Helpline: 315-645-HOPE (4673)

If you have a specific number you would like to call, use the following prefixes:
From A Korean Commercial Phone:0503-3-67-XXXX
International -- Korean Country Code: 82+(Drop Leading 0)


Camp Mujuk Primary Points Of Contact:

Commanding Officer: 767-4282
Executive Officer: 767-4526
Senior Enlisted Advisor: 767-4816
Command Duty Officer: 010-9380-0229
PMO Duty Cell Phone: 010-2820-1343


For all inbound PCS Marines contact S-1: 767-4022
For all inbound Training/TAD Marines contact S-3: 767-4817