VWAP Local Resources

Family Advocacy Program (FAP) 

Camp Butler's Family Advocacy Program Victim Advocates respond to domestic violence incidents 24/7 by providing support and advocacy services for the victim. 

Monday-Friday, 0730-1630

Camp Foster, Bldg 439

DSN:  (315) 645-2915

For domestic violence incidents that occur hours, call military police at DSN: 911 or Off-Base: 098-911-9111 for emergency response, and ask the military police to put you in touch with a Victim Advocate.

Families Overcoming Under Stress (FOCUS)

FOCUS teaches families to communicate more effectively, set goals, problem solve and reduce stress and conflict within the family. Families that do these things well are more prepared to overcome the challenges of the military lifestyle. FOCUS also assists families with developing a plan to support positive family roles and enhance healthy family interactions.

DSN:  (315) 645-6077; Off-Base:  098-970-6077
E-mail: okinawa@focusproject.org

Personal and Family Counselors are available to provide individual, marital, and family counseling for service members and their families. Licensed and experienced counselors are here to help you or your family with the challenges of military life, marriage, parenting, deployment, and reunion and reintegration. These challenges can affect your emotional well-being, relationships, family life and military readiness. Services are confidential, within the limits of the law, and counseling records are not kept permanently or as part of any medical record.

DSN: (315) 645-7734; Off-Base: 098-970-7734

Currently no website available (Check back April 2017)

U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa (Camp Foster) provides emergency and routine care, examinations, and voluntary DNA collection to victims of assault.



Emergency Care:      646-7312 
   Ambulance from On base:   911
   Ambulance from Off base or Cell:   098-911-1911
   Poison Control:   646-7311


DSN: (315) 646-7555; Off-Base 098-971-7555


Military brigs house inmates before, during, and after the trial.  As a victim or a witness, upon request you will be afforded the right to receive notifications regarding changes in the status of an inmate including: release, parole, transfer, and death.

Brig Victim and Witness Liaison:  (315) 623-4692/4545

NCIS, CID, and PMO provide investigative services for criminal offenses.  Criminal investigators and law enforcement personnel are responsible for providing victims and witnesses of crimes with the initial information under the VWAP and ensuring they have points of contact for all available services and assistance under the VWAP.

  Camp Foster:    (315) 645-7441/7442
  Camp Courtney:   (315) 622-9608
  Camp Hansen:    (315) 623-4165
 CID:     (315) 645-6010
 NCIS:     (315) 645-0213
   Off-Base:   098-970-0213

Directory of Law Enforcement Contact Numbers (Work in progress.  Old link broken)

MCIPAC Chaplains offer counseling, religious ministries and related services to victims & witnesses upon request. 

DSN: (315) 645-2501

The Military Justice Office, Legal Services Support Section, provides legal advice and support to all MCB Camp Butler tenant commands in the prosecution of Marines and sailors in general, special, and summary courts-martial. 

DSN: (315) 645-3982

The Legal Assistance office provides crime victims and witnesses information regarding their rights under the Victim Witness Assistance Program and applicable law and regulation.

The Legal Assistance provides legal assistance for family matters such as divorce and child support and can provide referral to civilian attorneys when needed.

DSN: (315) 645-1037

SARCs coordinate Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) activities and serve as a point of contact for victims of sexual assault.

 Installation SARC:   (315) 645-2134 
 Marine Corps Base Camp Butler SARC:   (315) 645-2134/4354
 III Marine Expeditionary Force SARC:   (315) 622-1007
 1st Marine Aircraft Wing SARC:      (315) 636-2938
 3rd Marine Logistics Group SARC:      (315) 637-4109
 3rd Marine Division SARC:      (315) 622-4016
24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline:  DSN: 645-HOPE (4673); Off-Base: 098-970-4673
Emergencies:  DSN: 911; Off-Base: 098-911-9111