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October is National Energy Action Month, as designated by our Commander-in-Chief and supported by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy. The goals of Energy Action Month are to raise awareness about energy use and encourage energy-saving actions in Marines, civilians, and their families. It is MCIPAC's hope that efficient actions learned during Energy Action Month will become sustained habits, leading to increased mission effectiveness, enhanced energy security, and reduced costs.



EAM Talking Points

October Energy Action Month - Audio

The Marine Corps is undergoing a behavioral transformation; each Marine must become mindful of energy use. The efficient use of energy resources is a critical component of mission readiness - from bases to the battlefield. In Okinawa and across the Pacific, this means that each Marine must consider how energy is used at work, in training, in the home, and make every effort to reduce waste, starting now.

Energy saving actions must become habit over time. Turning off overhead lights when not in use, keeping hatches secure upon entry or exit in air conditioned spaces - each Marine's simple acts can make a big difference over time.

This month, expect to see unit energy managers promoting energy ethos competitions, tip sheets, facility walkthroughs, posters, Marine Corps community services promotions and more. Marines: support your unit energy managers and incorporate energy ethos in effective and lasting ways. For information on how to get involved, to share ideas, or to ask questions, reach out to your battalion/squadron level and higher unit energy manager.

The Corps is known throughout the world as a lean, lethal, and efficient force, and for having unwavering discipline. This same discipline must apply to energy use. We are confident that both III MEF and MCIPAC can successfully incorporate an energy ethos into everything we do by eliminating waste and by using only what we need. Our continued ability to provide security, stability, and peace in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region depends on our combined efforts to conserve energy now.

You have the power! Semper Fi.

Signed, Lt. Gen. Larry Nicholson and Brig. Gen. Joaquin Malavet