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How Reasonable Accommodation Works

Whenever an employee requests an adjustment or change at work related to a medical condition, the employee has entered the Reasonable Accommodation process. That initial request may be verbal or written and the term "Reasonable Accommodation" does not have to be used. As an example, the employee might say to the supervisor, "I'm having trouble getting to work at my scheduled starting time because of medical treatments I'm undergoing." That employee has just asked for reasonable accommodation. Once the employee initiates the request (verbal or written), the Reasonable Accommodation process has begun. 

The RA Request Form is filled out, and signed by the employee requesting RA. The signed form is then submitted to the first level supervisor and/or Reasonable Accommodation Program manager.

Next, the Reasonable Accommodation Advisory Team meets to review the request. The Team consists of the RA Program Manager, 1st (and sometimes 2nd) level supervisor, a member from HR, and a member from Agency Counsel (and sometimes a medical professional). Additionally, the employee requesting RA is invited to attend a portion of this first meeting to provide input.

Medical documentation specific to the employee’s disclosed limitations is requested, when necessary, and once the medical documentation is received, the Reasonable Accommodation Advisory Team meets again to determine if the employee is a qualified person with a disability and what accommodation might be granted.

Reassignment is the reasonable accommodation of last resort and is considered only after it has been determined that there are no effective accommodations to perform the essential functions of his/her current position, or all other accommodations would impose an undue hardship or pose a threat to the employee’s or others’ safety.

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