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Military Claims Act

Military Claims Act

General Information:


         SOFA members who incur property damage as a result of a Government owned vehicle (GOV) accident may file a claim under the Military Claims Act, You must file with the branch of service that "owns" the GOV.


                                   File a Military Claims Act Claim

                 Please complete the step by step process below in order to file a Military Claims Act claim.

STEP ONE:  Gather all of the following Required Supporting Documents.    

STEP TWO: Complete  and sign SF-95 on date it is turned in. Original needed. Standard Form-95.

STEP THREE:  Submit all documents to the Claims Section of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, Camp Foster, Bldg.437 1st Floor.






DSN:  315 645 7460
CELL:  098 970 7460
LOCATION:  Camp Foster
  Building 437 
  1st Floor
AIR FORCE:  315 634 1662 
ARMY:  315 644 4742
NAVY:  315 634 8241