Federal Job Series

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Monday to Thursday: (0730 - 1200), (1300 - 1530)

Friday: (1300 - 1530)

In both the General Schedule (GS) and Federal Wage System (FWS), types of work are grouped together based on similar functions, skills and knowledge.

 In the General Schedule, related occupations are organized numerically into Occupational Groups within the same multiple of 100. The occupations perform similar work and have similar sets of responsibilities.

 In the Federal Wage System, occupations are grouped into Job Families, which are related in one or more ways: similar work functions, similar materials or equipment worked on, transferable skills and knowledge among occupations. 

 Series defines a subgroup of an occupational group or family that includes all classes of positions at the various skill levels for a particular type of work. Each series is assigned a specific 4-digit numerical code for identification and human resource management purposes. Positions within a series share similarities with respect to subject matter and basic knowledge and skill requirements.

 A code for any Federal job is made up of the Pay System, Series, and Grade related to that position. For example, a highly-skilled human resources specialist would could have the following position code: GS-0201-12. The chart below provides a complete reference to both the General Schedule and Federal Wage System job series.

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