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MCIPAC Energy is dedicated to supporting the III MEF mission and quality of life for service members and families in the Pacific region through energy resilience as well as the reduction of Marine Corps' energy demand and cost . By pursuing comprehensive energy conservation, the Energy section also works to meet federal conservation mandates by implementing efficient technologies and design strategies.

The Energy Section also supports MCIPAC Marines through the Unit Energy Manager (UEM) program, where Marines lead in the reduction of the Marine Corps' energy demand. The principles learned through this program not only expedite the process of energy reduction by relying on Marine Corps leadership, but also instill in Marines the Energy Ethos, thereby allowing them to understand that energy conservation is a vital asset to the Marine Corps mission.

  • Okinawa Energy Office: DSN 315-645-5114

  • Iwakuni Energy Office: DSN 315-253-4040

  • Camp Fuji Energy Office: DSN 315-224-8478

  • Camp Mujuk Energy Office: DSN 315-767-4011

  • MCB Hawaii Energy Office: DSN 315-457-1668